Glow Your mood

Thirsty of… 




Thirsty of… Romance? Power? Relax? The KANDLA® line is designed to combine the effects of chromotherapy and aromatherapy, for your psychophysical well-being and for the joy of your senses. In fact, each candle, combined with its specific color has the power to act on different areas of our cerebral hemispheres, in order to obtain different results. Furthermore, the pleasant aroma emitted by the different chromatic shades will allow you to enter the desired “mood” in a few moments

A joy for your senses

candela kandla home sweet home
candela more e salvia_ Grigia_Variante2
ortensia_kandla_Nera(Fleur de Cachemire)_Variante1
candele kandla_Piccole insieme_1 copia

Discover the exclusive quality of Kandla line, their composition in a mix of fragrances, glamor and naturalness.

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